Ai Generated Video Content

It is time to evolve our video content; is at the forefrant of Ai generated video content creation and they partnered with us in order to design their web design and SaaS product design.

Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design
Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design


Deepword’s C-Team approached us as they were realizing their initial MVP design wasn’t fulfilling the needs they had to increase engagment and user registration for their product goals and growth insights.

We were tasked with a total redesign of their platform while improving the landing page design; user experience of video creation and creation of a user management portal for multiple user accounts.

Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design

User Management

Providing advanced multi-user accounts with permissions was a goal that Deepword had for this redesign. We put together this type of structure with a lot of our clients who have SaaS products.

We worked off a basis of 3 types of users, Admin (account owner), Contributor (paid member), and viewer (non-paid member). The account owner can manage billing, add videos, edit videos, add users and assign permissions to users. Contributers can add/edit videos on the account and viewers can review and leave comments on the created videos.

Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design
Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design

Video Creation

Choose a video actor in order to act out your audio clip - these span from serious business people to fun and vibrant young people intended for comedy channels or parady.

Project Outcome

We were pleased to work with the team at to totally redesign and improve their product design and reskin their customer facing web site and design language. This project was one of our smaller projects in scope but a good way to kick off 2021.

Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design

"Andrew and his team are complete professionals. They beautifully redesigned our SaaS's landing page and web application, all within 3 weeks. Any changes or modifications we requested, they made within 24 hours. So far, our landing page has been seeing 15% higher conversions as a result of their redesign."

5-stars for Kaleo Design

Ankush, CEO