Applicant Funnel & Automated Scheduling

A beautifully intuitive automated applicant funnel for industries that have high turnover and large work forces. This tool will prequalify applicants and schedule an interview slot for them with a location manager. the future of applicant funnels  - by Kaleo Design


We were hired to come in and help this startup launch a tool aimed at the the recruitment and hiring process for larege companies with high turnover and large applicants pools.

This tools helps take out a lot of time for hiring managers by pre-qualifying applicants in real time, providing a pleasant experience for applicants and managers alike. the future of applicant funnels  - by Kaleo Design the future of applicant funnels  - by Kaleo Design

User Management

Like with any good SaaS product, we needed to design a user permissions segment of the application so we could onboard new users, store managers, hiring managers, regional managers etc.

We also needed organizational owners that could manaage everything for the clients that use

Adding Users’ to Locations

We needed to provide the clients that use this tool the ability to add users to locations and assign them permissions. Location managers can set their availibility to accept interviews on a weekly or monthly schedule.

A Regional manager can view all location managers schedules, availbiity and activity in engaging in interviews of potential candidates. the future of applicant funnels  - by Kaleo Design

Unified Styleguide

As part of most of our projects and hand off for developers, we provide a detailed styleguide showing different UI elements, typography and color system, this is a small snapshot of our styleguide for the future of applicant funnels  - by Kaleo Design the future of applicant funnels  - by Kaleo Design

Project Outcome

This project started off in March 2020, right before the Coronavirus hit the US. We were engaged to build the structure for the “Krow’s Nest” the entire backend that allowed for Krow to onboard clients and track their funnels.

After taking a 2 month hiatus due to covid closing down most businesses and def. hiring for most companies, we were re-engaged to actually create the funnels for all the clients of and design added features for the Nest.

Within just months of delivering designs, this innovative startup was already pushing tens of thousands of applications/week through their system. For companies such as Chilis, USXpress & Dart.