Bringing a touch of modern to Coffee Extraction

This one is a personal project we tackled to solve a problem for some friends that own a cafe. Extraction is what makes coffee good, there is a range & this app helps alert you on how you are doing.

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We try to keep our work in close alignment with our passions, and to be honest coffee is one of our passions, specialty coffee specifically, so we decided to work with a developer in order to come up with an application that helps Shop Owners, Roasters, Baristas etc. find out how their coffee is doing by measuring the extraction of that coffee. Below you will find the problems & the solutions to those problems.

Measuring the Extraction of Coffee

Well for this one we had to work with the Owner of a shop & the head Roaster for Novel Coffee Roasters, we had to find out how we could get the values we needed & then how to turn those values into the variables necessary to turn out a proper calculation. TDS % x Bev. Weight / Dose = Extraction %

Practis Customer Training Solution - by Kaleo Design
Practis Customer Training Solution - by Kaleo Design

Setting the Bev. Weight in Filter Coffee

Typically when people brew coffee for filter, like a pourover or a Curtis, Bunn, Fetco batch brew, you weigh the total water that goes into the coffee, but that number isn't the same as what comes out of the coffee because some of that coffee gets saturated within the bed of coffee grounds. The equation is called the LRR (Liquid Retention Ratio) some coffee heads have decided the default ratio of this would be 2.1 or in equation form:

Total Water - (Dose x 2.1) = Bev. Weight

We decided that since this ratio could change depending on the type of filter you use, the rate of flow of the water etc. we would allow a user to change this ratio for more accurate calculations.

Practis Customer Training Solution - by Kaleo Design

Project Outcome

Being able to record your extraction is one thing, but being able to record it & save it as well to keep track of your quality is something that we felt was important after speaking with our client. So we allowed users to save recipes & edit them as well down the road. In the end we were able ot help produce a functioning app that performed beautifully & accurately in accordance with the equations that we setup & launched in the iOS App.

Practis Customer Training Solution - by Kaleo Design

"Being able to help flesh out what problems needed tackling & how to tackle those problems is where Kaleo's experience really played a apart in making this a successful project. We are very impressed with the targeting of the search results within the App Store, they helped write a detailed description that helps our App pop up to our target market."

5-stars for Kaleo Design

Andres F., Founder/Product Owner