Modern job search and remote interviewing platform.

Video Interview Platform for companies hiring quality talent. This is the evolution of remote work; setup video interviews for candidates and review them for hire.

Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design

Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design
Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design


Chris from Rezieo approached us because he was in need of quality design for his product. He worked with an offshore team of developers who had used a theme that worked; but didn’t provide the professional nature that he was going for.

We came in and helped guide him through the assembly of a modern design system for his SaaS product and designed templates for screens that hadn’t been created or would be created in the future after launch.

Move Candidates through your pipeline.

After posting a job it is super important not only to review stats and metrics on that job post but be able ot interact and manage the applicants to that job post.

We provided a simple way to set status’ for each candidate, search candidates by a variety of factors and mark them as a new status and move them through to a hired or rejected state.

Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design

Review Talent on the Platform

When creating a job post you can search the talent on Rezieo and invite candidates that fit your job description.

Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design

Analytics for the Admin

Keeping up with any SAAS product is important to see activity, usage and profitablity. We designed a dynamic dashboard for hiring companies to review job interactions / interviews submitted and views of job posts.

For an applicant we recorded views of their applications; applications submitted and and impressions.

Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design

Fluid & Responsive Navigation

With so much information and half the tool already developed we weren't able to guide how the app was organized but we did provide updated icons and a revised nav to be implmented.

Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design

Project Outcome

SaaS Product Landing page and full web site design for customer facing site, we also redesigned and provided a design system for the entire application for the applicants, company side for posting jobs and admin panel for Rezieo owners.

Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design

“Kaleo is great to work with and easy-going. Their design skills are top-notch."

5-stars for Kaleo Design

Chris M, (Owner/Founder - Rezieo)