Practis Customer Training Solution - by Kaleo Design

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Designing a full suite of white label apps for Cardfree was as extensive as it has gotten for us over the last 2 years. We are highlighting one client (Torchy's) that uses’s their white label app but we designed for multiple of their clients & created an expansive experience for the different feature sets each client had.

Torchy's Tacos from Cardfree

Client Summary

Cardfree is a client we have been working with over the last year, they approached us right before the Covid shutdowns and boy was that an opportune time to be in the ordering app business. Cardfree offers a suite of products that are contactless solutions for ordering & paying all through digital methods.


We worked on 5 different products for the Cardfree Team, a White-Label web experience for desktop & mobile, a Native App White-Label experience for clients, a management system called the Portal, and 2 other mobile experiences for contactless payments.


March 2020-Present


Cardfree Ltd.


Product Design
UI Design

Practis Customer Training Solution - by Kaleo Design

Designing for white-label

We were involved in totally revamping their white-label solution for their clients. We worked through the home page to order history & account, meticulously working with the team at Cardfree to make sure all use cases were accounted for and that their system could scale in their current state.

Designing for multiple clients isn’t always easy, especially when each time you use color the app could look drastically different depending on the clients styleguide. We wanted to provide a solution that would work for multiple clients, offer enough customization to give the clients a branded experience but not so much that it was overwhelming.

Web & Mobile Experience

We worked on unifying the web experience with the white-label app experience as best as we could, we worked with the Cardfree team to make sure the experiences were as fluid as possible for users.

Practis Customer Training Solution - by Kaleo Design


We continually designed different modules for the WL app, one of the largest was the loyalty options provided by Cardfree for their clients.

We had to provide for mulitle types of rewards, challenges, accumulation of points, and marketing designs for the in-app experience in order to encourage the users to sign up for rewards, we took some inspiration from some of our favorite apps that we use on a weekly basis.

Practis Customer Training Solution - by Kaleo Design
Practis Customer Training Solution - by Kaleo Design

Expanding Designs

It is difficult sometimes to design for so many clients in so many ways and yet provide a Unique Experience for each client. The home screen is a place for recent activity, pending orders and to keep track of loyalty & rewards.

Practis Customer Training Solution - by Kaleo Design

Project Outcome

We have worked with the team at Cardfree for a little over a year now. Helping them redesign their customer facing apps for desktop web, mobile web and white label apps for their clients who span taco joints to breweries.

We also spent a good amount of time designing the experience for restuarants to import their menus and manage the store or merchant details, all of that will be shown in it’s own case study.

Rentcheck Web App - by Kaleo Design